Checking Read and Write Frequencies on Hard Drives

March 5, 2010 | Filed under Software


When a hard drives does a lot of unnecessary reading and writing, then something must be wrong in the sense of a software is badly written to put all that stress on the hard drive. High amount of read and writes on hard disk also increases the heat and eventually shorten the life span of the drive. To find out which drive has the most read and write frequencies, you can use DiskCountersView to check it out.

DiskCountersView displays the system counters of each disk drive in your system, including the total number of read/write operations and the total number of read/write bytes. It also displays general drive information, like disk name, partition number, partition location, and so on.

Check hard drive read and write

This utility works on Windows XP,2003, 2008, Vista, and Windows 7. Windows 2000 is also partly supported, but if you have one disk with multiple partitions, all partitions will be displayed with the same counters. On Windows Vista/7, the counters of USB flash drives are also displayed in the list. On Windows XP, the counters of USB flash drives are not displayed, simply because the operating system doesn’t support them.

This tool is the first version released by Nir Sofer and there is bound to be bugs. Currently it has a bug where sometimes the disk counters gets unexpected negative numbers for unknown reason. If you get that bug, all you need to do is just reset the counters so that it starts recording all over again. Unfortunately this tool can only show the disk read and write but not the program that is causing it.

Download DiskCountersView

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