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April 5, 2010 | Filed under Firefox, Online Service


Keeping track and maintaining your friend lists in Facebook is not going to be easy if you have few hundreds or probably few thousands. When you have so many so called friends, sometimes people will just remove you from their connection list and you won’t even know. Facebook does not notify you when someone has removed you from their friend list. Although it is still fair because when a friend has removed you from their list, they can no longer see your information and will only see the sentence that says “User only shares some of her profile information with everyone.”

It is still nice to know who has removed you from their list. One of the way to know who has removed you from their friend list connection is by using a Greasemonkey script called Facebook Friends Checker. You will first need to install the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox and then install the Facebook Friends Checker userscript. What this script does is it checks all your friend list every 2 hours and then records it down.

If the script finds that a friend is not in the list, Facebook Friends Checker will notify you that the user is no longer friends with you and there is a link to the profile. This script does not work in real time and it is probable that it could miss out some friends who removed you from their list. You can however change the interval to check for removed friends to 1 hour.

Who remove you from facebook friend

The Facebook Friends Checker script was last updated on 10 February 2010 which contains fixes for the new Facebook redesign.

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One Response to “Check Who Removed You From Facebook Friends Connection”
  1. jamie says:

    i tried the facebook friend checker and all it does is tell me my current friends removed me as their friend when really they did not so this needs a lot of work and i am not able to find any help to get this fixed so i need a reliable one since people add as friend to play mafia wars then cheat by dropping people as a friend in secret then come back to attack you and there is nothing you can do back since they are technically still in your mafia

    i want a reliable friend dropped notifier so i can just block the person from ever getting back in by changing their display name and sending another request and this is a big problem with these cheaters

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