Check Websites and SMTP Servers Status with Karen’s Net Monitor

March 25, 2010 | Filed under Software


Pinging a website domain or the email server IP address cannot detect if the service is up or down. Reason is as long as the server is connected to the network, the computer will give a response to the ping. The website status and email server status is determined by the service and if the service crashed, the service goes down but will still be able to reply to ping packets.

The correct way to test a website and email server status is by crawling the website, download the whole page and checks for a certain keyword that exist on the website. One of such tool that can do that for free is Karen’s Net Monitor. This free application test a list of websites and SMTP servers that you define and then set the interval to check.

Monitor Website Status

Karen’s Net Monitor also shows you the success and failure rates with the time of the last failure. The test log files can be imported or exported. To add a website, email server or computer to the monitor list, you will need to click the Edit Settings button, and the settings window will show with a few tabs of each own. We wouldn’t say that this is an awesome status monitoring tool because if the internet connection is broken, it would generate a lot of failures.

Download Karen’s Net Monitor

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