Check .NET Framework Version Installed on Windows Computer

April 1, 2010 | Filed under Software


More and more software are coded with C# because it contains a lot of ready available libraries to make creating of functions easier compared to C++. However the only con about it is it requires .NET Framework to be installed on the computer that is going to run the compiled C# application. Many times we see that a particular software mentions it requires .NET Framework X.X and above to run, but how do we know what version of .NET Framework is installed on our computer?

One of the easiest way to detect the .NET Framework on our computer is by running dnvc. dnvc is short for Dot Net Version Checker and like the title of the program, it checks for the version number of .NET Framework installed on computer. It runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 as well as servers operating system.

Check .NET Framework version

We found that the weird thing about dnvc is it is also coded in C# and requires .NET Framework 2.0 to run. Starting from Vista, .NET Framework is already embedded to the operating system but for users on XP that didn’t install any .NET Framework, they will get an error when trying to run this application. Because dnvc is coded in C#, the file size of this app is only 9KB.

Download dnvc

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