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March 10, 2010 | Filed under Software


There are many types of benchmarking programs but very seldom we can find a tool that can benchmark an application startup time. For example, Adobe Photoshop takes very long time to start up because it loads a bunch of stuff such as plugins during that time. It can be used to test how fast a computer by launching Photoshop a few times and calculate the average launch time. It is not accurate enough if you manually calculate by a timer because you don’t really know if the program is fully loaded or not.

The easiest way to test a program launch time is by using PassMark AppTimer. If you see some website provides report on application start up time test, they probably use AppTimer to do it. AppTimer is a free and portable tool that will run any program you at X amount of times depending on what you configure. It will automatically hook the program and determine how long it takes for the program to reach a state where user input is being accepted before killing the processes. The full complete process of program startup benchmark is only counted if it is opened and closed.

To run a benchmark on launching Mozilla Firefox on a computer, run apptimer, browse for firefox.exe usually in Program Files folder for application. Then configure where the log file should be saved. You will need to set the Window Name as Mozilla Firefox so that apptimer is able to close the program properly. Check input idle, Window name, visible and WM_CLOSE then click the Run App button.

MEasure application startup

After the benchmark has been completed, check the log file and every line shows the amount of seconds to completely start the program.

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