Change Windows 7 Starter Wallpaper in Netbook

March 15, 2010 | Filed under Windows 7


Windows 7 Starter edition is the most basic version of Windows 7 which has a lot of features removed. It is meant for OEM licensing to be used on Netbooks and retail users won’t be able to buy this version of Windows 7. The Windows Aero theme is not included in this version, and it is not available in a 64-bit variant. Even the most basic features of changing the wallpaper is not possible. If you right click at the desktop, you do not see the Personalize menu to customize the visuals and sounds on your computer including desktop background (wallpaper), color and screen saver. The wallpaper image is locked to the BetaFish which is pretty at first but gets uglier each time you look at it.

Although changing wallpaper in Windows 7 may seemed impossible but Oceanis Change Background Windows 7 makes it possible! Simply install the program, restart your computer and run the program. By default this program will set a default wallpaper from the program and allows you to browse your own folder to list all the pictures to be made as wallpaper.

Windows 7 Starter wallpaper change in netbook

It is possible to make your wallpaper as slideshow by selecting multiple images from Oceanis Change Background Windows 7. It also has the option of disabling the wallpaper slideshow when using battery power to give a longer battery life.

Download Oceanis Change Background Windows 7


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    bide programı indire bilirsek süper olacakda ling bozuk

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