Change Google Chrome New Tab to Blank Page

April 15, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Google


Google Chrome can be considered a fresh web browser which still lacks of some features. One of it is the ability to change the new tab page to something else. For now, whenever you open a new tab, Google Chrome preloads it with the eight most visited sites which is in image squares or thumbnails on the top and also recently closed windows and tabs as links at the bottom.

This can pose as a privacy risk issue because a person that borrows your computer for a while to check their web mail could end up seeing what websites you always visit. You can remove the websites that is listed in new tab by clearing the histories but that would cause inconvenience by always have to type the full URL.

Until the development team of Google Chrome comes out with an option to change the new tab page, you can use the extension called Blank New Tab. After installing this extension, every time you open a new tab will show a blank page (chrome://newtab/) and not the thumbnails of top visited websites and recently closed tabs. Blank New Tab extension is very small and it worked perfectly on Chrome.

Change Chrome New Tab Blank

Download Blank New Tab

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