Change Firefox Disk Cache Location

April 12, 2010 | Filed under Firefox


Firefox has two types of cache which is the disk cache and memory cache. By default Firefox takes up 50MB of your hard drive space to be used as disk cache. The cache are meant to make website loads faster and saves your bandwidth if you are visiting the same website that uses the same images which are not modified. If you are downloading a file, it is also temporarily saved in disk cache and when the download has completed, Firefox copies the completed file to the Downloads folder.

By default the disk cache location can be discovered by typing about:cache in the address bar and hitting Enter. The disk cache device area will show the cache directory. If for some reason you want to move your disk cache directory to another path for easier access or probably you have moved your Firefox profile to a small RAMdisk and the cache is taking up unnecessary RAMdisk space, then here is how you can change your disk cache location.

1. Type about:config at the Firefox address bar and hit Enter.
2. Type browser.cache.disk.parent_directory in the filter bar and hit enter. If it shows blank, then right click anywhere on the blank page and select New > String.
3. Enter the preference name as browser.cache.disk.parent_directory
4. When asked to enter a string value for the preference name that you have just created, enter the full path of where you want to disk cache to be and click OK. For example, C:\FirefoxCache
5. Restart your Firefox browser to take effect

You will find a Cache folder in path that you have specified. If you specified C:\FirefoxCache, the Firefox cache files are stored in C:\FirefoxCache\Cache\

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