Portable Show Desktop Application for Windows 7

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Microsoft realized the usefulness of Show Desktop shortcut icon and it isn’t really removed in Windows 7. By default Windows 7 comes with a Show Desktop button at the end of the taskbar. However if Windows 7 users that misses the good old Show Desktop icon that you find in Quick Launch toolbar in Windows XP, the easiest and fastest way to get it back is by pinning a portable Show Desktop application. RealityTouchDesign has created the application which really does nothing other than showing the desktop when clicking it once and then clicking it again brings back all the windows that was covering the desktop.

The Show Desktop application weighs less than 1MB of file size and once finished downloading, you can simply right click on the executable file and select Pin to Taskbar. The Show Desktop icon will now appear in the taskbar all the time and clicking on it will minimize all windows and brings you straight to desktop.

Show Desktop Windows 7

You can download Show Desktop from the link below and the file is compressed in RAR format. You can use 7-Zip or WinRAR to extract the file.

Download Show Desktop

Remove Show Desktop in Windows 7 Taskbar

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The Show Desktop icon from quick launch toolbar for previous versions of Windows such as XP is really useful and convenient. However when it comes to Windows 7, many users though that the Show Desktop feature is gone since the quick launch toolbar has been removed. However, it is in fact still available which is located at the bottom right corner of the taskbar after the time and date. You will see a small short bar and clicking on it will show the Desktop.

Windows 7 Show Desktop

This change by Microsoft has gotten a mixed reactions as some users complained that the Show Desktop is too far as a user normally stays around the Windows 7 start menu. If for some reason you do not want the Show Desktop button in Windows 7 showing in the bottom right of the taskbar, you can use the Windows 7 Show Desktop Button Remover to hide the button.

The Windows 7 Show Desktop Button Remover is a simple and portable tool which allows you do to just that, which is to remove or add show desktop button in Windows 7. By simply clicking a button on the tool, the changes is taken effect immediately without require to reboot.

Remove or Add Show Desktop in Windows 7

Download Windows 7 Show Desktop Button Remover

Search and Find Drivers Compatible with Windows 7

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Windows 7 may have came with a wide support of hardware with a lot of drivers but there will be devices that doesn’t have compatible drivers for Windows 7. Other searching for the manufacturer’s website in Google or if you can’t even find the manufacturer’s website or worse case scenario is the website is totally down and you need to use the driver urgently, you can try searching the driver in Windows7Download.

Windows7Download contains drivers only for Windows 7 and you can download the drivers instantly without registering or logging in to the website. Simply select from the category or search for it using keywords. The files are not hosted in Windows7Download but it is just merely a website where it consolidates the Windows 7 drivers into one website.

Windows7Download website is totally free and it is funded by advertisements. There is also a software website by removing the drivers subdomain where it lists all software that is compatible with Windows 7.


Enable Built-In Administrator Account in Windows 7

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When you install Windows 7, you will be asked to create a user account. If you are an advanced user that only wants to use the administrator account, unfortunately you can’t because it has already been created by default but disabled. The administrator account is disabled by default in Windows 7 for more security so that viruses cannot use that account by default to propagate and make changes on your system. Basically there are no difference between the Administrator account or any accounts with admin privileges but as a general rule like in Linux, one should never use simply use root account for any tasks unless necessary.

However if you prefer to just have one administrator account, you will have to enable the built-in administrator account, log in to the account and then delete the other admin account that you created when installing Windows 7.

1. Click the Windows 7 Start menu orb button and type cmd at the Search programs and files bar and hit enter.

2. At the command prompt, type net user administrator /active:yes

If you see the message The command complete successfully, it means that the Administrator account has been activated. Now go to Control Panel > User Accounts > Manage Accounts, you will see Administrator in the list. You can create a password, change the picture or even change the account name.

Animated Windows 7 Start Menu Orb

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Since Windows 95, it is possible to change the Start text from the Start Menu. When it came to Windows Vista and Windows 7, the start text has been replaced with an orb button. That too can be easily changed by using third party software and a series of images. For the first time in history, the Start Menu can now be animated with the help of Windows 7 Start Button Animator.

Windows 7 Start Button Animator is a small (less than 1MB of file size) and portable application that can hook the Windows 7 Start Menu button and replaces it with an animated image. The animator application must be running in order for the animation to work. During testing, we found that this application has a small memory leak because the memory usage for the process kept on increasing to more than 10MB even though the program just sits in system tray.

Windows 7 Start Menu Animator

You can select your own custom animated GIF orb, zoom/normal/center/stretch the image style and select the taskbar position so that the animated start button corresponds with the start menu. The video mode is useful when you are watching a full screen movie and the animated orb is on top of the movie. Checking the Video Mode allows the Orb button to stay behind the video.

Download Windows 7 Start Button Animator

Toggle Online and Offline Help for Windows 7 and Office 2010

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In Windows 7, you can get documented help by clicking the Orb button and then select Help and Support which is located at the bottom right. A Windows Help and Support window will open allowing you to search for help topics. As for Microsoft Office 2010, clicking the question mark icon at the top right will also open a Help window specially for the particular office application.

If you didn’t know, there are two help methods which is the online and offline. The offline help is something like searching through help file that is saved locally onto your hard drive. This is much faster but can be outdated. To get latest help topics, you can toggle searching in Online Help which requires an active internet connection but it is slightly slower for users with slow connection since the information is pulled from Microsoft knowledge base servers.

By default Offline Help is selected and you can toggle to Online Help by clicking the Offline Help text at the bottom right of Windows Help and Support. Select Get online Help and you can start searching. As for Microsoft Office, it is very similar to Windows 7. At the bottom right of the Help window where it says Offline, click once and select Show content frmo Office.com.

Easily Install and Activate DreamScene in Windows 7

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DreamScene comes with Windows Vista Ultimate which allows users to play videos are background wallpapers. However when it comes to Windows 7, DreamScene has been replaced with Desktop Slideshow feature which produces slideshow background wallpapers, but does not support videos. There has been hacks on how to enable DreamScene on Windows 7 and this is probably the easiest method ever as it simply requires only 1 click. Before using DreamScene, you must have Aero enabled and also it can only support WMV and MPG as wallpaper background.

Run the portable DreamScene activator and click Enable DreamScene. The tool will first copy DreamScene.dll to System32 folder in Windows and DreamScene.dll.mui to Windows\System32\en-US. Then it will add the required registry keys & values and restart explorer. After the explorer has restarted, the user will be able to use DreamScene.

Windows 7 DreamScene Activator

To set a wmv or mpg video as wallpaper background, simply right click on the file and select “Set as Desktop Background”. The video will instantly being played and looped at desktop. You can pause the video by right clicking on desktop and select Pause DreamScene. DreamScene might not be of much to end users but is certainly useful for demos. To disable or uninstall DreamScene from Windows 7, run the activator tool and select Disable DreamScene.

Download Windows 7 DreamScene Activator

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