Search and Find Drivers Compatible with Windows 7

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Windows 7 may have came with a wide support of hardware with a lot of drivers but there will be devices that doesn’t have compatible drivers for Windows 7. Other searching for the manufacturer’s website in Google or if you can’t even find the manufacturer’s website or worse case scenario is the website is totally down and you need to use the driver urgently, you can try searching the driver in Windows7Download.

Windows7Download contains drivers only for Windows 7 and you can download the drivers instantly without registering or logging in to the website. Simply select from the category or search for it using keywords. The files are not hosted in Windows7Download but it is just merely a website where it consolidates the Windows 7 drivers into one website.

Windows7Download website is totally free and it is funded by advertisements. There is also a software website by removing the drivers subdomain where it lists all software that is compatible with Windows 7.


Get Notified by Email on Facebook Unauthorized Login

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Website login credentials can be stolen by hackers, social engineering or even by malicious tools such as keyloggers. A carefully planned hacker wouldn’t want to get detected and tries to stay in control of the account or computer as long as possible so that he can gather as much private information as possible about the user. This means that even if the hacker knows the password, they wouldn’t change them so that you wouldn’t suspect a thing. They would continue to snoop on your email, bank accounts, transactions and etc.

Facebook has a great security feature where it can notify you via email if someone logged in to your Facebook account from another computer, device or even location. All you need to do is to follow the steps the enable the privacy security protection.

1. Login to your Facebook account

2. Click on Account on the top right and select Account Settings

3. Click on Account Security and select Yes for “Would you like to receive notifications for logins from new devices.” and click Submit

4. Log out from Facebook and then relogin.

5. You will be prompted to register your computer by entering your computer name.

Facebook unauthorized login

Your computer name will now be registered via cookie and if another computer or location logged in to your facebook account, you will receive an email notification. This may not be a perfect solution because the computer name can be changed but it does provide an extra layer to prevent against facebook snoopers.

Scan Facebook Account for Privacy Leak Risk

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Facebook is the largest social networking website where you can probably find a lot of personal information about people. It is useful in a way to keep in touch with friends that you have lost touch with but if you did not configure your privacy settings properly, you will end up leaking a lot of your personal private information which you don’t want people that you are not so closed with to know about it.

One easy way to quickly check if you have a privacy risk on your Facebook account is by using the free online service ReclaimPrivacy. If you are using Firefox web browser, all you need to do is drag the “Scan for Privacy” link to your bookmark toolbar, then login to your Facebook account and then click on the bookmark which you have just added. ReclaimPrivacy will automatically inspect your Facebook privacy settings and warn you about settings that might be unexpectedly public.

Facebook Privacy Risk

If your Facebook account has privacy risk, there is a button which seems to be able to fix the privacy setting automatically but we have tested it and it doesn’t seem to work. However there are direct link which brings you to the setting so you can turn it off.

Facebook Privacy Scanner

Calculate Minimum and Recommended Power Supply Unit

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One of the most important hardware when anyone wants to build a custom computer is the power supply unit (PSU). If the power supply is too low and not strong enough to support the available hardware on the computer, the computer will experience problems such as random auto shutting down, USB devices not working due or no power and etc. However having too powerful PSU is also a waste of money since it pushes more power and also cost more expensive.

One easy way to calculate the minimum and recommended power supply unit is by using an online eXtreme Power Supply Calculator. The database now contains 1100+ CPUs including latest processors from Intel and AMD, latest graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD (ATI) and more. All you need to do is go to the online calculator page and simply select the hardware that you have or intend to have on your computer. Once done, click the Calculate button and you will get the recommended and minimum PSU wattage.

Calculate minimum power supply

The online Pro calculator cost $9.99 USD for a lifetime usage and it provides extra features such as support for multiple Video Cards (up to 4), 3-Way SLI and Quad CrossFire X, Amperage on +12V Rail, Amperage on +5V Rail, Amperage on +3.3V Rail, Recommended UPS Rating and Print Results Page with Amperes per Rails.

eXtreme Power Supply Calculator

View Restricted Website by Cloacking as GoogleBot

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Google is by far the best search engine ever today. Most people uses them to search for information they are looking for but some people uses technique that allows GoogleBot to crawl and index the page but when a real visitor gets in the page, they are either asked to sign up or register. This can be done by recognizing the header whenever anyone access the page. If the header tells the website that it is a web browser, then the visitor is forwarded to a registration page but if the header reports that it is a Google Bot or Yahoo Bot, then the website grants access.

To bypass the restriction, you will need to somehow fake the headers to tell websites that you are a Google Bot. Instead of hacking the web browser or installing any third party extension, you can easily access a webpage cloacking as Google Bot by using BeTheBot.

All you need to do is visit BeTheBot website, enter the URL that is restricted when you try to access but appears perfectly in Google search and click the Go button. A frame will open below with the webpage pretending that you are a Google Bot. If a restriction has been implemented, then you should be able to see the website content without registering.

Visit BeTheBot

How to Delete or Close Email and Social Networking Accounts

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Registering for a new account whether for email such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail is easy as the sign up link can always be found on the main page of the domain. The same goes for social networking accounts such as Facebook, Orkut, MySpace and Twitter. However if for some reason you want to cancel, delete or close the accounts, it will not be easy unless you are willing to dig deep enough in their Help pages.

One simple way to guide you on how to cancel your accounts is by referring to the online tutorial at “Delete Your Account“. This website does not offer the service to auto cancel all your accounts but merely a guide with the official link to cancel the account.

Current Delete Your Account has guides to close account for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Digg, eBay, Facebook, Flickr, FriendFeed, Google, Hotmail, iTunes, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, Meebo, Monster, MyBlogLog, MySpace, OkCupid, Orkut, PayPal, reddit, The Pirate Bay, Twitter, Wikipedia, WordPress, Yahoo and YouTube. The list might continue to grow if more time is given.

The Delete Your Account website also tells you how to get back your account if it is possible and supported by the online services. One example is if you’ve close your Facebook account, all you need to do to restore your account is by logging in within 14 days.

Delete Your Account Official Website

Easily Distribute and Spread AVI to Multiple Video Hosting Sites

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For video makers, YouTube is probably the most frequent visited website because it contains a lot of videos and a lot of viewers as well. One way to get your video famous is by uploading to YouTube and hopefully many people view it. However if you want to try even harder, there are many other free video hosting sites which you can upload to. Uploading a video one by one to every video sites is time consuming and also takes up a lot of bandwidth usage.

TubeMogule is an online service which provides free and paid accounts to help you spread your video to multiple video hosting websites. The good thing is you only need to upload it once to TubeMogule and it does the rest for you. There are also a powerful analytics on who, what, and how videos are being viewed.

Spread Videos

A free TubeMogule account allows you to upload and deploy up to 100 video hosting websites. Currently TubeMogule supports up to 25 video sites which are Bing,, Brightcove, Dailymotion, eBaum’s World, Facebook, Graspr, GrindTV, Howcast, i2TV, iFood.TV, Metacafe, MySpace, sevenload, Streetfire, Twitter, StupidVideos, Veoh, videojug, Yahoo! Video, YouTube, Viddler, Vimeo Plus, 5min, Zoopy and even your own custom video site if you have one. From a normal calculation, you can upload up to 4 videos to 25 websites per month if you want to spread your video to as many video hosting sites as possible.

TubeMogule free account also has a 100MB video size limit and supports only the following video format: avi, wmv, mov, mpg, mp4, flv and m4v.

Official TubeMogule Website

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