Unable to Update Nokia Device Firmware or Software

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We found a bug on the Nokia N82 mobile phone which is when the phone is turned off and an alarm is being set, the alarm works for the first time but when you select snooze, the phone turns off again and the alarm no longer works even after passing 5 minutes. When you manually turn on your mobile phone, the alarm starts by itself even though it is way passed the alarm time. The device software version that has the snooze bug is V 31.0.016 and we read that the version 35 fixes this problem.

As we tried to update the firmware, we are met with a bunch of problems such as when used the Nokia Software Updater, we are getting the error “Sorry, the Nokia Software Updater service is currently unavailable. Please try again later.” Then we tried to use Nokia Ovi Suite 2 to check for software updates via Tools > Software updates. This time we got the error “Network connection error. The software updates server could not be reached. Make sure the internet connection is working and try again. If the problem persists, check your firewall settings or contact your network administrator.”

Sorry, the Nokia Software Updater service is currently unavailable. Please try again later

Our Internet connection works fine and there is no firewall blocking the application. I tried two different Nokia software to check for updates on two different computers. We are now very sure that this is a server side problem and to check further, we traced the HTTP links and found that both Nokia Ovi Suite 2 and Nokia Software Updater downloads a XML file from Nokia’s server which shows a notification data of MaintenanceBreak.

Nokia update fail

Still it doesn’t make any sense because the time of writing is 8 April 2010 but the XML data shows that the maintenance break starts from 2010-03-19 10:00 and ends on 2010-03-19 12:00. We strongly believe that Nokia tech people somehow screwed up their update servers and there is nothing we can do other than wait for them to fix it.

Emulate and Test Windows Phone 7 on Your Desktop Computer

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Windows Mobile is a compact mobile operating system developed by Microsoft, and designed for use in smartphones and mobile devices. The current version is called ‘Windows Mobile 6.5’ and the upcoming Windows Phone 7 will be released this year which features a new operating system and integration with Xbox Live and Zune services.

There is a Windows Phone 7 emulator which allows mobile application developer to test it out and start developing program for Windows Phone 7. However for normal computer users that just wanted to get the feel of running Windows Phone 7, they can also use the emulator.

First you will have to download a 3.18MB vm_web.exe file from Microsoft website and then this web setup will download an additional 300MB that includes Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Silverlight 4.0, SDKs, Windows Phone Emulator Dveloper Resources, XNA Game Studio 4.0 and etc… After installation, you may need to reboot your computer.

Once Microsoft Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP has completed the installation, run Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone from the Start Menu. Then go to File and select New Project. Select Windows Phone Application from the list and click OK. Finally, click Debug from the menubar and then select Start Debugging (or just F5).

Windows 7 Phone Emulator

Windows Phone 7 will be emulated. Currently it contains an Internet Explorer and you can play around with the virtual keyboard, themes, regional settings, time and date, and etc.

Download Windows 7 Phone Emulator

Free NetQin Anti-Virus for Windows Mobile and Symbian

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Not only computer has virus, even mobile phones are prone to virus these days. If a computer is infected by virus, it is not so troublesome because there are quite a lot of people that knows how to operate a computer and most of the time installing an antivirus would have fix the virus problem. However when a mobile phone gets infected by virus, what would you do? As far as most people know, mobile phones are not really as customizable as computer where they can easily install any software and uninstall it if they do not like.

Fortunately there is also antivirus for mobile phones that is made to counter the virus problem on cellphones. NetQin Mobile Antivirus uses leading technology to protect your mobile phone against all the latest mobile threats real time. A Combination of firewall and real-time monitoring ensure your mobile device is safe and secure. Optimized full scan and system management provide your mobile device instant protection while simultaneously enhancing overall mobile performance.

Free Antivirus for cellphone

Currently NetQin Mobile Antivirus is free can only be installed in phones that are running Windows Mobile and Symbian. Some important information you should know before installing NetQin antivirus. First is the virus definition can only be updated via GPRS. Wifi and WLAN won’t work because the protocols are different. The virus definition is updated twice a week, so you don’t need to check for updates so often.

If you have not heard of NetQin and don’t trust the brand, this piece of information should relieve you. GetJar.com, one of the world’s largest mobile application stores, featured NetQin Mobile Antivirus as one of the six recommended downloads to launch their new web site. NetQin Mobile Antivirus is ranked as GetJar’s 4th most popular productivity application too!

Download NetQin Mobile Antivirus