Free Microsoft Download Manager Supports Pause and Resume

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There are many download managers in the market now such as Internet Download Manager, GetRight, FlashGet and etc which comes with many advanced features. For the first time Microsoft has created a free download manager software which supports pausing and resuming downloads.

Microsoft Download Manager is very lightweight and basic as well. As basic as it is, Microsoft Download Manager comes with multiple parts parallel download sockets for faster download and it is meant to only download file from HTTP protocol. It also doesn’t install any plugin to the browser to auto detect for file downloads. To download a file using Microsoft Download Manager, you will have to click on the New download icon at the top right of the program and paste the URL of the file that you wish to download.

Microsoft Download Manager

The settings window allows you to configure the destination folder where the file will be saved when finished downloading. It also has numbers of maximum retries and retry interval. You can also set the maximum number of connections and the maximum is 16. If your connection uses Proxy, then head on to the Proxy tab to configure proxy address and port. Is compatible with Windows 7, 2003, 2008, Vista, XP with SP2.

Download Microsoft Download Manager

Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Web or Standalone Installer

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More and more software are coded in C# which in turns requires the user to have Microsoft .NET Framework installed to run the application. The reason why C# is gaining a lot of popularity it has many available libraries and coding a function is 10 times faster and easier if compared to C++. Microsoft Windows Vista and 7 operating system already by default comes with .NET Framework 3 which allows users to run many applications written in C#.

Download .NET Framework 4

Recently Microsoft has released the final stable version of .NET Framework 4 which contains a lot of new and improved features. We won’t be posting the .NET Framework 4 changelog because it is for application developers and not end users. What everyone including the end user should know is the .NET Framework 4 works side by side with older Framework versions. Applications that are based on earlier versions of the Framework will continue to run on the version targeted by default.

The latest Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is not available in Windows Update yet but you can get it from the link below. There is a web installer where you can download a small setup file and it only downloads the necessary files to install. Another one is the standalone version of the .NET Framework 4 installer which is slightly bigger in size and it can be installed on computers without an active internet connection.

Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer) | (Standalone)

Install Generic Microsoft Bluetooth Driver Stack

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Some branded computer such as Toshiba has their own bluetooth driver stack to use on Windows. Toshiba bluetooth driver is one of the most used driver stack because some laptops such as Fujitsu Siemens, ASUS, Dell and Sony laptops comes with it installed. There are times when Microsoft Bluetooth driver stack has proven to have better compatibility with other bluetooth devices such as blackberry. Installing the third party bluetooth driver from Widcomm can produce some syncing problems with blackberry and if switching to Microsoft Bluetooth driver fixes the problem.

To install Microsoft Bluetooth driver stack, first you must uninstall any bluetooth stack driver software that came with the bluetooth adapter. Then reboot your computer and when Windows ask for driver click cancel. Finally run this Bluetooth Driver Installer which will try to install generic Microsoft driver for your bluetooth adapter. It should be able to detect your bluetooth hardware and install accordingly.

Microsoft Bluetooth Driver Installer

Currently Bluetooth Driver Installer has known issues running it under 64bit of Windows with a System Error. Code: -536870347 (FFFFFFFFE0000237). It is currently being investigated and hopefully fixed soon.

Download Bluetooth Driver Installer

Test Windows 7 and Office 2010 via Virtual Lab Simulation

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Like many people agree that Windows 7 is the greatest and best Windows operating system released by Microsoft so far, you are not sure if you are going to spend few hundred dollars to upgrade your old Windows to the latest Windows 7. It would be best to at least try Windows 7 and get the feel of it whether you are going to like it or not before purchasing a genuine product key. One way to test it is to go to the computer shop where some computers or laptops has Windows 7 pre-installed, or contact your friends and test the computers that has Windows 7, or just sit on your computer and test it via Virtual Lab simulation.

Thanks to Microsoft, they have a special Windows 7 Test Drive website where it allows anyone to test Windows 7 online from their web browser without installing it. Do note that not all the features of Windows 7 are included and the speed very much depend on your Internet connection. You will need to use Internet Explorer because it requires to run some ActiveX.

1. Visit
2. The link above will test your JavaScript and Internet Explorer version. You will have to click on the link that says “Click here to install” to install the Virtual Server VRMC Advanced Control ActiveX.
3. A new window will open. Click on the flashing top bar that says “This website wants to install the following add-on…” and then click Install This Add-on for All Users on This Computer…
4. Click the Install button
5. When you see a button that says Installed, click Close this window and return to the setup. Click Yes to confirm closing the window.
6. It will start building and preparing the Lab. Wait until the progress meter complete. Click START YOUR LAB.
7. A new window will open and click the Yes button for NTLM Authentication.
8. Read the 3 simple steps to get started and click Close Window when you are done.
9. You can now test drive Windows 7 and Office 2007 with 2010 for free.

Test Windows 7 Online Simulation

There is a restriction of 30 minutes for you to test the virtual Windows 7.

Microsoft Messenger for Mac 8 Beta Released with Real-Time Video Call

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Windows Live Messenger is one of the most used application by users around the world to keep in touch with friends. However like the title of the software, it is a Live Messenger meant for Windows only. To use the Messenger service in Mac OS, you can download the latest Microsoft Messenger for Mac version 8 beta. This new version comes with real-time collaboration between people in different locations. You can use instant messaging and audio and video calls to communicate with your contacts.

Download Live Messenger for Mac

To install, choose the language of the Messenger 8 you want and then download the 22.3MB dmg file. After finished downloading, double click on messenger8beta.dmg file which will auto expand and install. Although the latest Microsoft Messenger for Mac 8 introduces the much anticipated face-to-face audio/video interaction feature for personal users with a Windows Live Account, there are still a few known bugs such as display picture not showing, unable to send files to contacts, some network configurations cannot work with the audio/video calls and some custom emotions not showing.

Download Microsoft Messenger for Mac 8 Beta

Download Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 Beta with MSN 2010

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Each version of Windows Live Essentials release is described as Wave. The first wave was released to beta testers on August 25, 2006, followed by Wave 2 on May 30, 2007 that was the time of Windows Live Messenger 8.5 and the latest current one is Wave 3 is released on January 7, 2009 which last until today for Live 2009 products.

The latest Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 Beta has been leaked and it contains the newer generation of 2010 Live products such as Messenger, Sync, Mail, Companion, Writer, Family Safety, Bing Bar, Photo Gallery and Movie Maker. Basically the Windows Live Essentials is an installer suite that helps to install and uninstall any of the Microsoft software listed above.

On the leaked Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 Beta, all of the Live products has gone through a major update especially the user interface with ribbon bars like what you see on Microsoft Office 2007. We have noticed that the build number has been updated to version 15 from the current version 14 but it still shows 2009 instead of 2010. The 2009 would probably change to 2010 on the final release.

You can use all of the Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 applications except Windows Live Messenger 2010 v15 because only Microsoft employee can sign in. To bypass this restriction, you can download the patch that replaces the original msnmsgr.exe with the patched one.

Download Windows Live Messenger 2010

Download Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 Beta