Automatic Enlarge Thumbnail Profile and Album Photos in Facebook

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There are times when those small thumbnails shown in Facebook are just too small for you to identify if your friend’s friend is someone you know or not. Instead of clicking on the facebook user link to go to the user’s page and see the bigger profile photo, you can instead install Facebook PhotoZoom, a useful extension available for Firefox and Chrome browser.

After installing Facebook PhotoZoom extension, there is nothing for you to configure or do. Whenever you hover your mouse cursor to a profile picture or album photos, the tooltip will appear with the bigger image in it. If the image that the user uploaded is bigger than the thumbnail, then this plugin will show the full size of the image. Other than that, while viewing the photo album, it would be more productive when you use the Photo Zoom to view the images that you want in bigger size rather than going into the single image view. This allows you to skip the images that you want to see and load saving you time and bandwidth.

Facebook Thumbnail Zoom

The Google Chrome version of Facebook Photo Zoom has a shortcut key to easily toggle the feature on or off by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + Z key.

Download Facebook PhotoZoom for FirefoxChrome

Vimperator Helps Browsing the Web with Firefox Using Only Keyboard

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It is nearly impossible to browse the web without using the mouse because a website has so many elements from images to links. To jump from one element to another you will have to press the TAB key and if you are at the top of the page and wants to click on the link that is at the bottom of the page, you probably need to press the TAB button many times. One way to browse the web using Firefox without a mouse is by installing an extension called Vimperator.

Do note that Vimperator is not really that easy to use for people that has never used Vim text editor before because the key bindings are the same from there. After installing Vimperator, it strips all the elements including the address and status bar to make it look like a text editor. To go back, all you need to do is type :set guioptions+=mT and then press the F button on your keyboard which will display numbers on links which can be accessed. Press the number on your keyboard to access the link that corresponds with the number.


You can head on to the official site of Vimperator to check out the available key bindings.

Download Vimperator

ErrorZilla Plus Troubleshoots Server Not Found in Firefox

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Whenever you try accessing a website using Firefox and get the error Server Not Found, it advices you to check the address for typing error, check your computer’s network and make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web if you have firewall or proxy. The advices given don’t really help much and is quite useless. Thanks to ErrorZilla Plus extension, you can improve the Server Not Found page by adding extra functions to help you troubleshoot and determine what is the cause of the problem.

After installing ErrorZilla Plus extension on Firefox, whenever the website that you cannot access will still show Server not found but 8 buttons has been added to the page. The try again button lets you try to access the page again, google cache button to access the cached pages in Google search engine, coralize button to use Coral CDN proxy to connect again, wayback is to search for any earlier version of the page, ping, trace, whois and proxify.

ErrorZilla Plus

The ErrorZilla Plus preference window allows you to enable auto retry on interval, set a web proxy address. It gives you a convenience in troubleshooting unavailable websites without manually going to the websites and keying in the address.

Download ErrorZilla Plus

Check Multiple Webmails from Firefox with WebMail Notifier

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There are a lot of free web email accounts that everyone can register to use. The earlier you sign up, the higher the chance of getting the username that you want. Having a short and easy to remember username is important so that people can successfully send you an email without having typing mistakes to your email address. As time goes by, most people have multiple email accounts and manually checking them from your web browser is troublesome. Some free email accounts require you to login at least once every 1 or 2 months or else they will temporarily deactivate your account and removing all the emails in your mailbox.

One of the easy way to automatically check for new emails for multiple accounts is by using WebMail Notifier. This is a Firefox add-on which allows you to add the email accounts login information to it and set the check interval. When found any new email, it will show an alert window and play a notification sound.

WebMail Notifier

By default WebMail Notifier supports Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Daum, Naver, Nate, Paran, POP3 and IMAP. However there are ready made scripts which allows support for other web email accounts such as Adsense, Arcor, DreamWiz, eBay,, Facebook,, GMX, Google Reader, Google Wave,, libero, linkedin, lycos,, netzero, QQ, rambler, rediff, squirrelmail, tiscali, twitter, yandex and etc.

Download WebMail Notifier

IE and Firefox Caret Browsing Disables Scrolling using Keyboard Arrow Keys

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If you are Firefox or Internet Explorer user, you might have missed out a feature called Caret Browsing. The default key for both IE and Firefox to activate Caret Browsing mode is F7. Basically when you activated the Caret Browsing, this feature places a movable cursor in web pages, allowing you to select text with the keyboard. For people who are not careful with what they click, normally they would simply click the Yes button without reading the information displayed first.

When Caret Browsing mode is turned on, the user can no longer use the arrow keys on their keyboard to scroll the browser up, down, left and right. Instead, the cursor is now on the text like as though you are editing the text on your browser. No, you cannot edit the text on a website with Caret Browsing as it only allows you to select the text by pressing and holding the SHIFT key and moving to the left or right with your arrow key.

If you find yourself always hitting the F7 key and accidentally enabled the Caret Browsing mode, you can easily disable the F7 Caret Browsing activation. For Firefox, type about:config at the address bar and hit enter. At the filter bar, search for the word caret, double click on accessibility.browsewithcaret_shortcut.enabled to change the value to false. That will disable the F7 key from activating Caret Browsing mode. As for disable Internet Explorer Caret Browsing F7 key, we found a group policy restriction but unfortunately disabling it from there does block the F7 from activation Care Browsing.

Automated Downloading from RapidShare with Firefox using SkipScreen

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File hosting websites has started to increase ever since the success of RapidShare. All of the file hosting websites provides two ways of downloading which is the free users gets to download but at a slower speed, waiting time and also typing of captcha code. As for the paid premium users, they can directly download by clicking the link and the download speed is much faster.

There are download managers that is able to help you easily download a bunch of files from Rapidshare, Megaupload or similar sites automatically but here is a Firefox add-on called SkipScreen which allows you to easily and automatically download files from those file hosting sites without clicking and waiting.

SkipScreen auto download

We have given SkipScreen a test and it is a big time saver. First we tried downloading a file from RapidShare and we didn’t need to click on the Free user button, and it automatically starts the download after wait time. As for Megaupload, we didn’t have to enter the CAPTCHA code and it starts downloading by itself after the countdown timer has reached. Downloading from Depositfiles is the most amazing because SkipScreen is able start the download instantly by auto clicking on the Download the file button and bypassing the wait time.

There is an unofficial SkipScreen for Chrome which we have given it a test but it does work on rapidshare, megaupload and depositfiles. We would advice to stick with the official SkipScreen for the time being until the developer of SkipScreen Chrome release bug fixed version. Do note that SkipScreen attempts to change your default Firefox search to and also makes SkipSearch as your Firefox start page. It can be unchecked during installation.

Download SkipScreen

Improve Website Readability by Removing Colors and Background Images

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We have visited websites that has chosen a very bad combination of colors which makes the reading of text very difficult. For example, a website with black background and text in gray is going to make your eyes really tired after reading a part of it. In order not to strain your eyes, one manual solution is to copy all the text into your text editor such as Notepad but not Microsoft Word because you will end up copying the formatting and font colors as well.

Another easier way for Firefox users is to install the No Color add-on which allows you to remove colors and background images from the page by one click. After installing No Color, a small puzzle icon will appear at the bottom right of Firefox status bar. Clicking on it instantly removes the background image and also color making it total white and also changing the text color to black.

The No Color option allows you to configure the text and background color, in case if you prefer a dark background with light text color. This Firefox No Color add-on is really very useful and it is pretty light with only 9.3Kb in size. Would be nice to have a hotkey support to turn on or off the background color.

Download No Color

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