Automatic Enlarge Thumbnail Profile and Album Photos in Facebook

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There are times when those small thumbnails shown in Facebook are just too small for you to identify if your friend’s friend is someone you know or not. Instead of clicking on the facebook user link to go to the user’s page and see the bigger profile photo, you can instead install Facebook PhotoZoom, a useful extension available for Firefox and Chrome browser.

After installing Facebook PhotoZoom extension, there is nothing for you to configure or do. Whenever you hover your mouse cursor to a profile picture or album photos, the tooltip will appear with the bigger image in it. If the image that the user uploaded is bigger than the thumbnail, then this plugin will show the full size of the image. Other than that, while viewing the photo album, it would be more productive when you use the Photo Zoom to view the images that you want in bigger size rather than going into the single image view. This allows you to skip the images that you want to see and load saving you time and bandwidth.

Facebook Thumbnail Zoom

The Google Chrome version of Facebook Photo Zoom has a shortcut key to easily toggle the feature on or off by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + Z key.

Download Facebook PhotoZoom for FirefoxChrome

Recommend Webpage Using Facebook Like Button in Chrome

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When you upload a photo to your Facebook account, your friends that has viewed the photo is able to click on the Like button to tell the uploader that he/she likes the photo. This function is very similar to the Thank You button that you can find on some forums to prevent from unnecessary post with loads of thank yous. Now, you can also share and recommend any page on the web using the Facebook Likes feature.

First of all, you must be a Google Chrome user and then install the Facebook Likes extension. A thumbs up like icon will be added to the end of the address bar. When you are on any interesting webpage and wants to recommend it to your Facebook friends, all you need to do is click on the Facebook Likes icon. You must of course first logged in to Facebook.

Facebook Likes

The link that you’ve liked will be displayed in your Wall recent activity. All your Facebook friends will be able to see it and they can click on the hyperlink which brings them to the webpage that you’ve liked.

Download Facebook Likes

Scroll Smoothly in Google Chrome with Mouse Wheel or Arrow Keys

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Scrolling through pages when browsing any web site is something that a web surfer does all the time. The user can either use the scroll wheel that is on the mouse, or the arrow keys on the keyboard and finally the page up, page down, end and home keys to scroll the page. If you didn’t notice, all of the web browsers that includes Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and etc doesn’t scroll smoothly by jumping through a paragraph of a few lines when you scroll once using the scroll wheel on the mouse.

Although this might not seemed to be a problem, it would be nice to have a smooth scrolling so that the pages scrolls smoother. For Google Chrome users, they can use SmoothScroll extension which automatically smooth the scrolling.

After installing SmoothScroll, there is no icon at the address bar but you can access the Options from the Extension menu. It is possible to set the frames per second, animation time in milliseconds, stride size per scroll in pixel, pulse scale, pulse normalize, and even activate the keyboard support with its own scrolling values.

Scroll Smooth

Download SmoothScroll

Auto Decode Shorten Links and Preview Full URL in Chrome

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There are many URL shortening services that can be used for free to transform really long URL into a very short one. Some of the popular ones are bitly, tinyurl, and etc. As useful as it is, sometimes these URL cloaking services can be annoying because you could end up opening the same website that you’ve opened before since you don’t know the original URL until you open it.

If you are a Google Chrome user, the good news is you can install a small extension called View Thru which is able to decode the shortened URL and show a small popup preview of the full URL together with the page title. View Thru currently supports,,,,,,,, and After installing the View Thru extension, there is nothing to configure or do. Just browse the web as normal and if you see any shortened links, simply move your mouse cursor over it and a tooltip will appear.

Decode Short URLs

The best place to test whether it is working for you or not is Twitter. Since all links that are posted in twitter will be shortened, you will definitely find some there because there are new tweets every seconds.

Download View Thru

Mouseover YouTube Videos for Animated Preview in Chrome

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YouTube is the main place where people upload videos immediately if they have anything special or interesting. One example is the Kevin Garnet that got into a fight in a basketball game and the video is uploaded on the same day that it happened. The problem with YouTube is it is flooded with too many videos and some of them are just fake videos trying to advertise their website. One easy way to preview and get to have an idea what the video is about is by using YouTube Thumbs extension for Google Chrome.

After installing the YouTube Thumbs extension, any time when you move your mouse cursor over to the video thumbnail, you get an animated preview of 3 thumbnails instead of a static image. This saves a lot of bandwidth and also offers speedy preview if compared to a real video preview. Short videos are with a minute or more are too short to have a video preview, hence the animated thumbnail preview is a great option.

YouTube Thumbs has no configuration at all. Just install the extension and it works right out of the box on YouTube website.

Download YouTube Thumbs

Change Google Chrome New Tab to Blank Page

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Google Chrome can be considered a fresh web browser which still lacks of some features. One of it is the ability to change the new tab page to something else. For now, whenever you open a new tab, Google Chrome preloads it with the eight most visited sites which is in image squares or thumbnails on the top and also recently closed windows and tabs as links at the bottom.

This can pose as a privacy risk issue because a person that borrows your computer for a while to check their web mail could end up seeing what websites you always visit. You can remove the websites that is listed in new tab by clearing the histories but that would cause inconvenience by always have to type the full URL.

Until the development team of Google Chrome comes out with an option to change the new tab page, you can use the extension called Blank New Tab. After installing this extension, every time you open a new tab will show a blank page (chrome://newtab/) and not the thumbnails of top visited websites and recently closed tabs. Blank New Tab extension is very small and it worked perfectly on Chrome.

Change Chrome New Tab Blank

Download Blank New Tab

Remove Annoying Comments on Popular Websites

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Most websites by default allow visitors to post comments on the content at the webpage. Commenting can be turned off by the webmaster but allowing comments can somehow boost the page ranking because it looks like an active and alive topic instead of dead and boring. There are pros and cons on enabling comments and there are times when some weird people just post nonsense in the comments area or perhaps a spammer posted a malicious link.

Sometimes you prefer not to have a long list of posted comments appearing on the article that you want to read which lags the scrolling of the page, so here is a Google Chrome extension called No Comments which is able to turn off comments, with the ability to turn them back on, on a per-site basis. No Comments does not work on all websites but currently supports 36 websites including some popular ones like YouTube, Digg, CNN, Yahoo.

After installing No Comments extension, if you visit any of the supported websites, the comments are automatically disabled. You can turn it back on by clicking the CO icon and shifting the slider to On. We have tested the turning on and off on the comments it doesn’t seem to work. Probably the author of No Comments extension is not aware of this bug. We have tested more in detailed and found that No Comments only hides the comments but doesn’t disable it from loading in the first place. Bandwidth is not saved but it gives a cleaner look.

No Comments

Download No Comments

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