Free O&O DiskImage 4 Professional Edition License Key

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Important data can be suddenly lost as a result of a system crash or viral attack. One of the safest method to be able to restore everything back to the way it was is by creating a full backup image. O&O DiskImage is the ideal tool for quickly and easily duplicating or archiving of entire operating systems and individual disks. It even supports dynamic drives and RAID systems.

You can customize the imaging methods to suit your own individual needs. Even a 1:1 image of your system or user-defined images are possible. O&O DiskImage features many other options for creating and restoring images exactly the way you’d like. As a result of the special O&O DiskImage program settings, a substantial amount of computer performance is saved, allowing you to continue working on your PC parallel to the imaging!

free diskimage 5 pro serial

O&O DiskImage 4 Professional Edition license normally cost USD 49.95 but you can get your personalized product key by following the steps below:

1. Visit
2. Fill up the form and make sure you enter a working email address and click the submit form button.
3. Wait for a while (we waited for an hour) for O&O Register to send you an email containing your Name, Computer and License Key.
4. Download O&O DiskImage 4 Professional Edition, install and restart your computer.
32Bit –
64Bit –
5. Run O&O DiskImage 4.1 build 65 and make sure that Enter your registration code is selected and click Next. Enter the exact NAme, Company and Serial that you received from O&O Register email.

Backup WordPress Post Content Database Online

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More and more people are using WordPress as their platform to host their weblog site. WordPress stores all the post content that the author writes in MySQL database. After spending many hours writing articles, the last thing you want is a hard disk failure or a cracker hacked in your server and wipes out all your data on the server’s hard drive. There are ways to backup using phpMyAdmin or WordPress Backup plugins but they are all offsite plugin which requires the author to download and store the backup data to the computer. Humans tend to get lazy overtime and stop creating periodic backups.

Online Backup For WordPress solves this problem by automating database backup and uploading it to Backup Technology’s servers. Backup Technology specialize in online backup and disaster recovery. They provide enterprise level backup services to businesses and individuals complete with disaster recovery plans and tests involving the recovery of entire networks. All of the data backed up by their customers is highly encrypted and compressed and stored in their primary secure datacentre in Manchester, with a complete mirror of every single backup in our secondary secure datacentre in London.

Auto Online WordPress Backup

To automate online backup of your WordPress database, first download the Online Backup for WordPress plugin and activate it in your WordPress website. You will then need to create a free account that gives you 50MB usage. Then you can choose which table to backup and also provide the credentials for your 50MB space. Finally, you can schedule how often to perform the auto backup, the time and day. Backing up WordPress can’t get any easier and safer than this.

Download Online Backup for WordPress

7Backup Creates Backup with 7-Zip Compression

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7-Zip is able to compress files with very high compression saving precious hard disk space. Most people use this to compress multiple files into one so that it can be easily transferred and shared. Other than that, 7Zip can also be used to backup files by simply right clicking on a folder and compress. Because 7Zip is not a backup tool, there are no options to make it as a convenient backup solution.

Thanks to solidsnac, he has made a frontend graphical user interface called 7Backup that can create backup using 7-Zip and archive the backups into 7z compression. 7Backup is a backup software using 7-Zip compression. It supports backups from local and network sources. Since the backed up files are in 7z format, you will need to install 7-Zip on your computer to extract the backup files.

Backup files with 7zip compression

7Backup requires manual input on the directory of where you want to backup. You will have to specify the source that you want to backup, the backup filename and the destination of where you want to backup file to be saved in. It is also possible to include exclusion of files that you do not want to be included in the backup.

Download 7Backup