Calculate Date and Convert Units with Windows 7 Calculator

April 14, 2010 | Filed under Windows 7


When we said Windows 7 has many improvements, this is very true because even the most basic utility calculator has added a few useful conversion and calculation. In Windows XP, you can only do very basic calculation and the most changing the view to a scientific calculator. If you are looking to convert units or calculating dates, then you will need to search in Google for a website that provides an online unit conversion service for free.

As for Windows 7 calculator, other than the normal Standard and Scientific view, there is an extra Programmer and Statistics view. From the View menubar, you can also set to use Basic calculator, unit conversion, date calculation or Worksheets. The unit conversion allows you to perform conversions for different units of measure such as Angle, Area, Energy, Length, Power, Pressure, Temperature, Time, Velocity, Volume and Weight/Mass. As for Date calculation, you can calculate the difference between two dates or to add or subtract days from a specified date.

Windows 7 Calculator

The final Worksheets menu lets you calculate your fuel economy, lease payments and mortgage payments. With so many different calculations and conversions supported in Windows 7 calculator, I highly doubt that anyone would use the online calculation anymore. The calculation of bits and bytes are not included in the unit conversion though…

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