Browzar is a Lightweight Portable and Private Web Browser

April 10, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Privacy


With the private browsing and incognito mode for current web browsers, it offers absolute privacy for web surfers because all cache and history won’t be saved and automatically cleaned when the session is terminated. There are also third party extension that auto cleans up browser temporary files when exit but there are times when you have too many extension installed and will cause some incompatibility problems. One method is to use the portable version of Firefox browser and run the private browsing mode or manually clear the recent history.

Another way is to use Browzar, a very small and lightweight browser that is only 209KB in size which allows you to search and surf the web without leaving traces on your computer. Browsing history, stored files, cookies and search auto-complete won’t be saved on the computer. The only reason why Browzar is so small in sizer is because it is based on Internet Explorer’s engine. Most websites have better compatibility with IE so you won’t be facing problems in opening complicated websites.

Browzar Private Web Browser

Browzar doesn’t support third party extensions like Chrome or Firefox. It is meant to be a portable and private browser which you can run directly from a USB stick. When you close Browzar, you will notice that it automatically perform cleanup by deleting history, cookies, temporary internet files, temporary java files and flash local shared objects.

Browzar might be a little old as it was last updated on December 2008 but it is still a good alternative for a portable and private web browser.

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