BootRacer Calculates Windows 7 Boot or Startup Time

April 8, 2010 | Filed under Software


Calculating the Windows boot up speed may seem easy by using a watch and counting the amount of seconds that takes to fully start up to Windows. However this method is not accurate because there are still process being loaded in background which you missed out. Opening a task manager and waiting until every process is being loaded and the System Idle Process becomes a static 99% could be a solution but a more easier way is to use BootRacer.

The latest version of BootRacer 2.2 that was released a couple of days ago allows you to check your Windows boot speed for Windows 7. This free utility is very simple and easy to use. Just click on the Race it button, select whether to calculate every boot or only once and click the Start button. You will be prompted to restart the computer and clicking Yes will reboot your computer and starts checking the boot speed.

Calculate Windows 7 start up time

Basically BootRacer continues counting the time until the process idle has stabilized for 10 seconds and then it deducts the 10 seconds from the total time giving you your time to logon and time to desktop. BootRacer is a useful tool that is able to help you get more accurate total boot or start up time but it can’t tell you which process is taking up how much time to start.

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