Boost Firefox in Single Click with SpeedyFox

March 30, 2010 | Filed under Firefox, Software


Mozilla Firefox is the most well know and also most used web browser today. The new Mozilla Firefox 3 has started to use sqlite database so that it loads the saved data such as URLs, history, bookmarks and etc much faster compared to the older version of Firefox. Although sqlite database is fast locally, but just like any other database which can and has to be optimized for it to perform better and faster. If you have no idea on how to edit and optimize the Firefox sqlite database, you can use SpeedyFox.

SpeedyFox is a free and portable tool that lets you boost firefox startup time in up to 3 times, speed up browsing history and give quicker operation with cookies with only a single click. Don’t get us wrong, Firefox is a very fast browser but the fragmentation of profile databases can cause it to slow down and hangs with a high cpu usage.

Boost Firefox Speed

SpeedyFox doesn’t require installation. Just download, run it and it will auto detect and load your default Firefox profile. Clicking the Speed Up My Firefox button will automate the defrag of the databases. You can also specify custom location if you have a portable Firefox. Currently SpeedyFox is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 but a Mac version is in the works.

Download SpeedyFox

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