BlogRadio Reads RSS Feeds Using Natural Text-To-Speech Technology

March 14, 2010 | Filed under Online Service, Software


Text-To-Speech technology has been around for some time which allows a text content to be read out automatically by the computer. Although it is possible for the computer to read from text, but nobody really uses it due to the poor, robotic, and unnatural voice quality with no inflection and feeling.

With more and more website offering RSS feeds for people to subscribe and get their latest articles, that means you have to spend more time in reading the updates. You can now save time by using BlogRadio, a free service that allows you to listen to any RSS feed using their natural voice text-to-speedh engine. You are able to choose male and female to read your blogs and they are able to pronounce words with inflections, making the reading more natural compared to other text-to-speech that you have heard before.

read blog text to speech

BlogRadio runs on Adobe AIR platform which makes it possible to be installed on Windows, Mac, Linux and even on mobile such as iPhone, Nokia, Palm, Blackberry and Android. After installing, you will need to click the add button to include the RSS feeds you want BlogRadio to read it for you. When we tested BlogRadio, the speech is pretty good except that it can take a while to convert the text into speech and play it to you.

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