Block Website History from Being Logged in Firefox Browser

February 28, 2010 | Filed under Firefox


If you like to visit those less-than-reputable websites while at work or even at school, and have occasionally needed to step away from my computer without locking it, leaving such sites in the history, then you might want to consider this Firefox plugin. It is a useful addon that would block your known frequented sites from showing in the history/downloads/etc, but leave the other stuff. If a boss walked by and looked at your computer before, he’d see all sorts of nonsense that you would be reprimanded for (no doubt). There are similar plugins like Stealther which would leave no history at all which would raise flags and cause more spying on your activities.

Another logic that has been implemented is HistoryBlock keeps all blacklisted data hashed, so the about:config page will NOT reveal any information to anyone who gains access to your computer. In short, it means you’re safe and your privacy is protected.

You might think that you can use Firefox’s Private Browsing mode but that can be troublesome because you need to switch modes and you might want to keep the cookies and cache for some websites.

Download HistoryBlock for Firefox from this page

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