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There are a lot of web proxies that you can find on the web but the problem is they don’t usually last forever. Most probably these open proxy are badly configured proxy server that doesn’t require authentication. An open proxy allows a user to route the traffic to the proxy, allowing the service or website to think that we came from the proxy IP address. Proxy is only useful at some times such as a software promotion is meant for only a specific country or you don’t want people to see your IP address and know where you came from. Like we said above, proxy servers don’t last and we need to check the proxy list very often to make sure that we are using the ones that is currently working.

One of the easiest way to check the proxy list for good and bad proxy is by using Web Proxy Checker. Web Proxy Checker is a free and fast proxy checking software which supports the following features:

* Check SOCKS4/SOCKS5/HTTP/HTTPS proxies with and without authentication.
* Format of proxies with authentication: proxy_user:proxy_pass@proxy_host:proxy_port.
* Format of proxies without authentication: proxy_host:proxy_port
* Check for connect to the specified host:port.
* Check for URL.
* Load and combine proxies without checking.
* Multithreaded.
* Handle redirects.
* Download proxy lists from the web.
* Customizable User Agent.
* Customizable HTTP Headers (Accept, Accept-Encoding).
* Built-in proxy distribution web server.
* Proxy country detection.
* RBL (DNSBL) check.

There is also a Pro version that cost $50 which has all the features above including multi-process architecture and check for connect to specifed mail server and perform SMTP commands.

free web proxy checker

We simply copied 130 well known public proxies from a proxy website and paste it to a text file. Then we loaded the text file in Web Proxy Checker and click the Start button. The program took 2 minutes and 28 seconds to scan all 130 proxies, detected 68 working proxies and 62 bad ones. The scanning would have completed faster if the timeout seconds is set to a lower number because all we are seeing at the end of scan is “Thread terminated by timeout” error.

Web Proxy Checker is compatible with Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista and 7.

Download Web Proxy Checker

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