BatterySaver Auto Enable or Disable Process, Services and Devices

March 28, 2010 | Filed under Software


When you are at a place without power to charge your laptop, the energy level in your laptop’s battery becomes very valuable. One simple way to stop the battery from being drained so quickly is by lowering the brightness of the screen and don’t play music that uses the speaker. These are the most common logical method but a more advanced method is to disabled any useless running processes, services and devices which are active on the computer but in fact not doing anything.

For example, when you are on a long plane ride, you can make a lot of assumptions as to the services available (such as no internet), you can disable a lot of unnecessary processes, services and devices. One example is if the wireless adapter is active but you know for a fact there won’t be any wireless access point for you to connect to, then you may as well disable it so that it will stop searching for any available AP. By doing this, you are saving the energy on the battery which will make it last longer.

BatterySaver offers an advanced method of enabling or disabling process, services and devices when it is running on battery or connected to an AC power. There is no graphical user interface for you to easily configure it and everything is configured via the config.xml file. You can learn about the basic structure of the XML configuration from the Documentation page. When you have finished configuring your config.xml file, run it and it will be active in background monitoring the power state and taking up only 1MB of your PC’s memory.

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