Batch Download from Picasa Web Album Automatically

March 4, 2010 | Filed under Imaging, Software


Picasa Web Albums (PWA) is a photo sharing web site from Google, often compared to Flickr and similar sites. It allows users with accounts at Google to store and share 1 GB of photos for free. Since it is free and service offered by Google, there are many people that uploads nice and interesting photos to Picasa Web Album. If have see an album that interest you and you want to download all the photos from that album to your computer manually, it takes time. Moreover to view or download the whole album from Picasa Web, you will need to register a free Google account (since this service owns by Google now), or sign in with one if you already have a google account.

If you want to download photos or the whole album from Picasa, you should give Picasa Album Downloader a try. It is able to help you auto download friends albums and photos on your PC, MAC or Linux in a few clicks and also preview album list per user.

Batch download Picasa Album

Picasa Album Downloader is free and all you need is the name of the user and the album name. Then click the Download button and this app will do everything for you. Although there is a Beta tag on the title of the program, it is stable and works like what it advertised.

Download Picasa Album Downloader

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