BarTab Puts Inactive Tabs in Firefox to Rest and Save Resources

February 28, 2010 | Filed under Firefox


Ever since web browsers started to have tabs, users no longer need to open multiple window anymore so that the taskbar doesn’t get messy. Tabs are supposed to save more memory usage instead of windows but we tend to abuse it by opening lots of them until the browser gets very slow. Even though Firefox support tabs, it doesn’t mean they are made to support hundreds of them open simultaneously unless you have a super computer. Even if your computer can support a lot of tabs, navigating between them is not easy as well.

Good news is there is a useful plugin called BarTab for Firefox which can reduce the Firefox memory usage even when you have lots of tabs opened. With BarTab you can put all those tabs on your bar tab and only pay for the load when you actually want to visit them. BarTab intercepts when a tab is loaded in the background (e.g. after a browser restart) and will only load the content when the tab is actually visited.

Watch out for their upcoming version 1.3 because it will contain a very useful feature that allows you to unload tabs again, in other words put them back on your bartab, either manually through the context menu or an automatic timer. If you haven’t try it, you should and I am sure you will notice at least 100% memory improvement compared to not having this plugin installed.

BarTab Official Addon Webpage

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