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March 15, 2010 | Filed under Backup, Online Service, Wordpress


More and more people are using WordPress as their platform to host their weblog site. WordPress stores all the post content that the author writes in MySQL database. After spending many hours writing articles, the last thing you want is a hard disk failure or a cracker hacked in your server and wipes out all your data on the server’s hard drive. There are ways to backup using phpMyAdmin or WordPress Backup plugins but they are all offsite plugin which requires the author to download and store the backup data to the computer. Humans tend to get lazy overtime and stop creating periodic backups.

Online Backup For WordPress solves this problem by automating database backup and uploading it to Backup Technology’s servers. Backup Technology specialize in online backup and disaster recovery. They provide enterprise level backup services to businesses and individuals complete with disaster recovery plans and tests involving the recovery of entire networks. All of the data backed up by their customers is highly encrypted and compressed and stored in their primary secure datacentre in Manchester, with a complete mirror of every single backup in our secondary secure datacentre in London.

Auto Online WordPress Backup

To automate online backup of your WordPress database, first download the Online Backup for WordPress plugin and activate it in your WordPress website. You will then need to create a free account that gives you 50MB usage. Then you can choose which table to backup and also provide the credentials for your 50MB space. Finally, you can schedule how often to perform the auto backup, the time and day. Backing up WordPress can’t get any easier and safer than this.

Download Online Backup for WordPress

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