Backup Avira AntiVir Updates for Manual Update Offline Restore

April 22, 2010 | Filed under Security, Software


Avira Antivir offers a free antivirus which is trusted and used by many Windows user. It is well known for its superb virus detection but with a price of high false positives. Avira Antivir is unlike Kaspersky where you can set a manual location to update the virus definition as it needs to get updates directly from Avira’s servers. On the Avira user interface, the Update menubar has a “Manual update” option which lets you update Avira Antivir using offline method from the file.

Avira’s official VDF update site contains a link where you can download the file but it currently only has for version 8 and 9 of Antivir. The most recent Avira Antivir is at version 10. If you are looking for a method to do manual update via for Avira Antivir 10, then you can manually generate the offline update file using Avira AntiVir Updates Generator.

Avira AntiVir Updates Generator is an unofficial free portable tool that can be used to generate from your Avira installation. For example if you already installed Avira on a computer and fully updated it, you can directly create a backup of the update from your computer. All you need to do is run the program and click Go. You will need to set the path if you have installed Avira on a non-default location. The file will be saved to the location where the Update Generator is located. avira offline update

Download Avira AntiVir Updates Generator


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  1. matrix says:

    avira marked this little program as trojan,, here is the same but modified version:

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