Backup and Restore Saved Game Data with GameSave Manager

April 2, 2010 | Filed under Games, Software


You normally doesn’t need to worry over backing up of online games because the data is saved on to the server and no matter which computer you use to play the online game, the previous saved data will always get loaded. However if you play a single player game, the data is saved on the local computer and if you reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows, you will notice that all your saved games is gone! Every game saves the data in a different file and you will probably need to ask in Game forums on how to backup the saved game data so that you can restore it back later.

One of the easiest way to backup your saved game data is by using GameSave Manager. This is a free program which allows you to backup, restore and even transfer your gamesaves to other machines. It’s great for those who like to share gamesave progress with friends/family, format frequently, paranoid about data loss, etc. GameSave Manager uses a definition file which adds official support for 457 games of automating saved games without much trouble.

Save Game Data

The main menu of the GameSave Manager is easy to understand and use. You can click on the Backup GameSave(s) icon to scan for any games that the program can backup. If you have a game that the GameSave Manager doesn’t support yet, you can use the Custom GameSave Entries to define your own gamesaves for the GameSave Manager to search for.

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