Automated Downloading from RapidShare with Firefox using SkipScreen

April 14, 2010 | Filed under Firefox


File hosting websites has started to increase ever since the success of RapidShare. All of the file hosting websites provides two ways of downloading which is the free users gets to download but at a slower speed, waiting time and also typing of captcha code. As for the paid premium users, they can directly download by clicking the link and the download speed is much faster.

There are download managers that is able to help you easily download a bunch of files from Rapidshare, Megaupload or similar sites automatically but here is a Firefox add-on called SkipScreen which allows you to easily and automatically download files from those file hosting sites without clicking and waiting.

SkipScreen auto download

We have given SkipScreen a test and it is a big time saver. First we tried downloading a file from RapidShare and we didn’t need to click on the Free user button, and it automatically starts the download after wait time. As for Megaupload, we didn’t have to enter the CAPTCHA code and it starts downloading by itself after the countdown timer has reached. Downloading from Depositfiles is the most amazing because SkipScreen is able start the download instantly by auto clicking on the Download the file button and bypassing the wait time.

There is an unofficial SkipScreen for Chrome which we have given it a test but it does work on rapidshare, megaupload and depositfiles. We would advice to stick with the official SkipScreen for the time being until the developer of SkipScreen Chrome release bug fixed version. Do note that SkipScreen attempts to change your default Firefox search to and also makes SkipSearch as your Firefox start page. It can be unchecked during installation.

Download SkipScreen

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