Auto Search and Display Lyrics in Windows Media Player

May 3, 2010 | Filed under Audio


A PC user that listens to mp3 on computer has an average of at least a few hundreds of songs. Music lovers normally searches for lyrics which can be found for free on many lyrics websites. If you are only looking for the lyrics on a few songs, then it wouldn’t be a problem but if you would like to sing every song that is being played on your computer, then it will be a tedious task to search for the lyrics.

If you are using Windows Media Player or Winamp to play MP3, then you can install a small Lyrics Plugin which auto searches and displays the lyrics for the song that is played.

Windows Media Player Lyrics

Lyrics Plugin is just superb. We have tested it and the lyrics appeared instantly when I click the play button for a MP3. There is also no configuration at all that you need to touch. The only con is you will need an active internet connection to download the lyrics and it does not have the ability to cache or save the lyrics. It searches for lyrics based on the ID3 tags and if it is empty, lyrics are not displayed and you can add it to the list by clicking the Configure link.

Download Lyrics Plugin

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