Auto Save Downloaded Files to Selected Folders based on Filters

March 22, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Firefox


By default Mozilla Firefox puts the file that you downloaded in the user’s Downloads folder. It is possible to set Firefox to ask the user where to save the downloaded files which gives the user more control of where to put the downloaded files in. Go to Tools, Options and at General tab, set “Always ask me where to save files” instead of Saves files to Downloads.

This option is useful but not powerful enough. It would be better if there is a filter to auto save the downloaded files to selected folders based on file extension or websites. The extension Automatic Save Folder offers such feature that allows you to specify where each file you are downloading will be saved too.

After installing Automatic Save Folder extension, go to Tools and select Automatic Save Folder to configure the options. You are able to add domain and file name filters at the filter tab to determine where the file goes to if it matches the filter. Supports fined, partial, or wildcarded and regexp.

Firefox automatic save folders

There is another powerful feature in Automatic Save Folder which is the Dynamic folders. By default it is not enabled but when enabled, you can set the folder to be created and the files placed in it.

Download Automatic Save Folder

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