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May 22, 2010 | Filed under Software


Megaupload is a free file host where anyone can upload and store files on the server for a limited time. For free users, it is supported by advertisements and downloading from megaupload requires wait time and also entering of CAPTCHA code. For premium paid users, they can directly download from megaupload link without wait time or even entering captcha code and it can be downloaded from any download managers.

Megaupload Downloader

Whether you are a free or premium megaupload user, Megaupload Downloader software is meant to assist you in having a better and automated downloading experience from megaupload servers. Megaupload Downloader is a small and lightweight software where you can add a list of megaupload links and clicking the Start button will auto download them. There is no need to key in the captcha code because the built-in plugin can already do this for you. If you have a premium account, you can enter the login info consisting of username and password in the Options window.

Like the title of the program name, it only supports downloading from Megaupload links. Rapidshare, mediafire and other similar one click hosting websites are not supported. Megaupload Downloader is free and works on all version of Windows.

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