Auto Expand on Left Pane of Windows Explorer to Follow Right Pane Location

April 5, 2010 | Filed under Windows 7


Windows Explorer is one of the most important feature that is used every day to locate files and perform actions such as copy, paste, cut, delete, rename, move and etc. One of the tip to easily open the Windows Explorer is by simultaneously pressing WIN+E key. This saves you time instead of clicking the Start orb and selecting My Computer.

Previously in Windows XP, the Windows Explorer works pretty well by dividing into two panes, the left and right. Right pane shows the folder and files in the path and the left pane shows the tree of the location. Starting from Windows 7, Windows Explorer works differently such when you navigate deeper into the folders on the right pane, the left pane doesn’t auto expand the tree and follow the current folder on the right pane. The left pane statically shows the Favorites – Desktop, Downloads and Recent Places followed by Libraries – Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos and Homegroup, Computer and Network.

If you prefer to use the old Windows XP explorer navigation method, fortunately this option can be easily restored by right clicking on an empty area on the left pane and select “Expand to current folder“. You will now notice that the left pane instantly follows the right pane in Windows Explorer.

Expand and follow left pane Windows Explorer

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