Auto Detect Country Origin for IP or Host List

March 8, 2010 | Filed under Software


You can find many websites that offers free IP address lookup to find which country does it belongs to but there is not one that is able to parse a list of IP from a file. For example, IP2Location provides a pretty accurate result but it only allows you to parse 20 IP address per day. You can of course change your IP address by disconnecting and reconnecting if your ISP gives you dynamic IP address but that would take a lot of manual work just to work on an IP list with hundreds or thousands of IPs.

Country Detector is a free and useful program that detects countries for host list (IP addresses or DNS names) or for proxies list. It uses MaxMind’s GeoLite Country database to determine the IP address belongs to which country. The GeoLite Country database is 99.5% accurate and is updated every month.

IP to country list

To use Country Detector parse a text file containing a list of IP address, just go to the Main tab, select the source file and then select the destination where it should save the result file. Click the Run button and it takes only a few seconds to parse a list with hundreds of IP addresses. You can set Country Code to either append country name or the country code on the result file. It can even sort and remove duplicates IPs for you.

Download Country Detector

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