Auto Delete Temp & Cache Files, Web History, Cookies When ShutDown Windows

March 5, 2010 | Filed under Privacy, Software


After spending hours on the computer browser the web, running applications and opening files, it leaves a lot of traces such as temporary files, cache, cookies, web history, opened document history, and etc. All these unneeded files are never cleaned unless you manually delete it from your computer. As time goes by, your hard drive has a lot of junk files and this can cause fragmentation and eventually slows down your computer.

Smart Auto Shutdown automatically shuts down your computer and cleans up unneeded temporary files ahead of time, along with traces of your Internet use. Doing this will improve the performance of your computer by cleaning up your system and protect your Internet privacy by cleaning up your usage traces every time before shutdown. Cleaning up all those temp files during windows shutdown is the best time because you no longer need them anymore, which means you can eliminate them and make your PC more efficient the next time you start it up. You can relax knowing that all Internet and offline computer usage traces have been eliminated. Quickly clean and shut down your PC with one click instead of five! Use Smart Auto Shutdown, the simple and effective tool for the job!

auto Delete temp and cache when shutdown

This tool is free and you can run it on any version of Windows from NT4 to Windows 7. It can’t get any easier and safer than this to maintain a clean computer.

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