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April 8, 2010 | Filed under Software


BitTorrent is a very successful network protocol that allows file sharing without placing the files on the server. The load is placed on the client instead of the server and many pirates uses BitTorrent to spread and share illegal files. Since a BitTorrent website is required to store the torrent files for users to search, most of good torrent sites are closed and only allow a certain number of members before they reopen for signups. Some of the good torrent sites are hard to get in as many people are monitoring for the open registration.

One easy way you can compete with other people is by using an auto checking tool that identifies any private torrent sites that are opened for registration instead of manually hitting the refresh button every minute. Torrents Open Registrations Checker (TORC) is able to check the Torrent tracker sites for open or closed registrations.

Auto check torrent signups opening

By default TORC includes 180 bittorrent trackers in the list and if you go to Help and select Check for new trackers, it will add 2 more to the list. During our test, it took only 54 seconds to check 182 sites for open or closed registration. What this tool does is it loads the page in background and checks for available text. If the text is found, then it puts a checkmark icon beside it. You can set the checking interval, maximum connections to crawl at a time, timeout settings and set it to autostart with Windows.

TORC takes about 20MB running in background but its definitely worth it since it has the ability to get you free sign ups on private torrent tracker sites without an invitation.

Download Torrents Open Registrations Checker

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