Attach Screenshot Capture Command in Every Window with Schirmfoto

March 22, 2010 | Filed under Software


The whole internet is filled with screen capture software. The free ones more or less has the same features which are simply just to capture screenshot but the shareware ones contains more features such as text snapping, image editing tools and etc. Surely they must have something that the free ones doesn’t in order to sell or else they won’t sell any at all.

Here is yet another free screenshot software call Schirmfoto which also takes screenshot of full desktop, active window and custom area. The specialty about this software compared with other free ones is it embeds a screen capture icon on the top right of every window allowing you to easily take a screenshot of the program or window whenever you want to but with the condition of Schirmfoto must be running in background to hook the windows.
capture active window screenshot
By clicking on that camera icon at the top right of the window or program, Schirmfoto auto captures the screenshot of the active window and launches it in a simple image editing interface. You can scale, set margins, rotate to potrait or lanscape, change the size, setting page color and watermark the image using text or a picture.

You will need to request a one time free registration key after installing Schirmfoto. Just enter your first and last name and a working email which the code will be sent there.

Download Schirmfoto 2011

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