Animated Windows 7 Start Menu Orb

May 19, 2010 | Filed under Windows 7


Since Windows 95, it is possible to change the Start text from the Start Menu. When it came to Windows Vista and Windows 7, the start text has been replaced with an orb button. That too can be easily changed by using third party software and a series of images. For the first time in history, the Start Menu can now be animated with the help of Windows 7 Start Button Animator.

Windows 7 Start Button Animator is a small (less than 1MB of file size) and portable application that can hook the Windows 7 Start Menu button and replaces it with an animated image. The animator application must be running in order for the animation to work. During testing, we found that this application has a small memory leak because the memory usage for the process kept on increasing to more than 10MB even though the program just sits in system tray.

Windows 7 Start Menu Animator

You can select your own custom animated GIF orb, zoom/normal/center/stretch the image style and select the taskbar position so that the animated start button corresponds with the start menu. The video mode is useful when you are watching a full screen movie and the animated orb is on top of the movie. Checking the Video Mode allows the Orb button to stay behind the video.

Download Windows 7 Start Button Animator

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