Adobe Reader Unnecessary Processes AdobeARM.exe and reader_sl.exe

April 11, 2010 | Filed under Tips & Tricks


After installing Adobe Reader 9, you should notice two extra process AdobeARM.exe and reader_sl.exe that belongs to Adobe Reader running in background even though the reader is not running. This two process auto runs by itself when Windows is booted up. The first thing you should know about this two process is the AdobeARM.exe process is used for Adobe update checking and the reader_sl.exe is a Speed Launcher that makes loading of PDF files slightly faster. With both of the process running, it takes up 4MB memory usage which is quite unnecessary for some users.

You can turn off Adobe Reader auto update by going to Edit > Preferences (or press Ctrl+K), click Updater on the left pane and select “Do not download or install updates automatically”. By doing this, the AdobeARM.exe process will no longer auto start when windows is started up. However you will now need to manually check for Adobe Reader updates by going to Help > Check for Updates…

As for reader_sl.exe, this process takes very little memory and nearly no CPU usage at all. There is no options in Adobe Reader to disable the reader_sl.exe process from auto starting up but you can use msconfig to remove it from the windows startup. In fact we found that this process automatically terminates itself after a few minutes, so leaving it to auto run during Windows startup should not cause Windows boot up longer or make Windows slower.

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