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April 3, 2010 | Filed under Firefox, Imaging


Internet Explorer 7 and 8 no longer has the image toolbar that you see in Internet Explorer 6. The Image Toolbar allows you to save, print, email and open My Pictures folder when you move the mouse pointer over a picture and the Image Toolbar appear in the top left corner of the image. If you think that this feature is somehow useful to you, you can now have this feature in Firefox web browser.

After installing Image Toolbar extension for Firefox, moving your mouse cursor to an image will show a toolbar save, copy, print, info and open folder. The info button is an additional feature which you cannot find in the old Internet Explorer 6 Image Toolbar. Since Firefox 3.6, the Properties menu is no longer available for you to check for extra information about the link or image. This Info button brings you directly to the image file in the Page Info media which gives you the full location, type of image format, size of the image file, dimensions in pixels measurement and associated text.

Firefox Image Toolbar

By default the image must be bigger than 260px x 260px, or else the Image Toolbar will not show. You can either press the Ctrl key to overwrite this restriction or set it in the plugin options.

Download Image Toolbar

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