Add Two Finger Scrolling and Tapping Gestures to Synaptics Touchpad

March 20, 2010 | Filed under Software


Most laptops comes with Synaptics Touchpad and it allows you to move the cursor without a mouse. By default it should also have the Synaptics Pointing Device Driver installed which comes with additional features such as One Finger Scrolling, PalmCheck, Touch Sensitivity, EdgeMotion, Tapping and Buttons configuration. Even if you reinstall a clean Windows without installing the Synaptics driver, the touchpad will still work except you don’t have the extra features such as scrolling and tapping.

With TwoFingerScroll, you can add more features to the Synaptics Touchpad by using two fingers. To scroll using Synaptics Touchpad, you will have to position your finger at the end of the touchpad which will activate scrolling. With TwoFingerScroll, all you need to do is put two fingers on the touchpad and you can instantly start scrolling.

Two finger gestures touchpad

Another thing you can do with TwoFingerScroll is tapping with multiple fingers. You are able to customize mouse actions (left button, middle button, right button, button 4 and 5) for one + one finger, two fingers, two + one finger and three fingers. TwoFingerScroll requires Synaptics Pointing Device Driver installed or else you will get the error “Class not registered, ClassID: {9C042297-D1CD-4F0D-B1AB-9F48AD6A6DFF}” when running the program.

TwoFingerScroll is free, portable and works on all versions of Windows.

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