Add Shortcut Keys to Google Search for Easier Searching

March 15, 2010 | Filed under Firefox, Google


Google is the biggest and most popular search engine today. In fact it is a very effective search engine which indexes links very quickly and provides accurate search results at the same time. Many other major search engine competitors has upgraded their algorithm but fails to beat Google. The official Google search page is simple with a very clean design but unfortunately it lacks of shortcut keys to to navigate around the search results.

Fortunately for Firefox users, they can install a Greasemonkey userscript called “Advanced Google Keys” which provides useful hotkey in Google search. With this script, you are able to go to navigate between the next and previous search result pages, jump to the result directly, opens results in new tabs, edit or erase current search string, and append something to the current search string.

This script didn’t work the first time after we installed it. The included pages that is in the list are and google.tld. After adding http://** to the list, then the hotkeys started to work. This is most likely caused by the Google search engine automatically redirecting to the local search domain. If the script is working, you should see a line of text at the middle top of the google search page saying “Advanced Google Keys active. Press (h) for advanced features“. You can refer to the list of hotkeys available to use at the image below.

Advanced Google Hotkeys

Download Advanced Google Keys

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