Add Shadow Effect to Windows 7 Taskbar

April 11, 2010 | Filed under Software, Windows 7


Windows 7 has gotten even more eye candy flashy effects compared to older versions of Windows. It does look very nice but of course it requires a modern computer to enable the effects through Aero. If you can’t get enough of the effects in Windows 7, here is a small and simple application that enables shadow to the taskbar.

Windows 7 Taskbar Shadow

Taskbar Drop Shadow is portable application that when run, it adds a nice shadow to the bottom or top of taskbar. There are 2 executable file, Bottom TB Shadow.exe is to use when your taskbar is at the bottom and Top TB Shadow.exe if you’ve shifted the taskbar to the top. Running the executable file enables the shadow effect instantly. You can access to some of the settings by right clicking on the shadow and select Preferences. If you like this shadow effect in Windows 7 taskbar, you will have to set it to run automatically when Windows start because the program must be running to enable this effect.

Taskbar Drop Shadow utility takes up only 2.3MB from memory and no CPU usage at all. It works all the time but if your background or wallpaper is black in color, you will not see the shadow at all because the shadow is based on black color and does not auto changes according to the background color.

Download Taskbar Drop Shadow

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