Add Search Feature to Quickly Find and Select Items with Listary

April 7, 2010 | Filed under Software


There are times when you want to search for a certain item in a very long list such as in regedit, you can sometimes use the Search feature if it has one. For example, you want to edit a value for a registry value but there are a lot of registry names at the right pane. By pressing Ctrl+F, you can search for it and the item that matches the string that you search will be selected. Some programs that does not have the Search feature, you can use Listary to add a search feature to the application.

All you need to do is run Listary which it will hook at the windows that it supports and pressing the default Hotkey combination Win+W will open a search window allowing you to search for a string. By simply typing a few letters, Listary is able to show you if it matches any items and you can instantly select the items by selecting it from the list.

Add Search to Third party software

Currently Listary only supports Windows Explorer, WinZip, WinRAR, FileZilla, CCleaner, All file Open/Save dialogs, Task Manager, uTorrent, PowerISO, eMule, Windows Desktop, 7-Zip, Control Panel and Registry Editor. There are free and Pro version of Listary and the Pro version has all the features from the Free version plus advanced commands, regular expressions and export list content.

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