Add Over 200 Online Games to Google Chrome with Game Button

April 9, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Games


There are many websites that offers free online flash games which can be played for free. However most of those websites are heavy in graphics and full or advertisements which makes the takes more time to load and uses more bandwidth. An easier way to play free flash games is by installing an extension called Game Button to Google Chrome browser.

After installing the Game Button extension, you will have a new Game Button icon at the end of the address bar. Left clicking on the icon once will open up 12 categories of game types which are Action, Adventure, Driving, Sport, Board, Classic, Kids, Girls, Shooting, Casino and Card, Puzzle and Other games. If you add all of the games on all categories, you will easily have more than 200 games to play with right from Chrome browser.

Game Button Google Chrome

After clicking a category, a new window will open and you will have to choose a game from the drop down list. Choosing the game will then start to download the flash game and lets you play from that window. Although some might think this is totally unnecessary, but it does provide a convenience of accessing hundreds of games with just a few clicks. This Game Button is actually from the same developer of Chrome TV which uses gadget.

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