Add Network Connections Shortcut in Windows 7 Desktop

March 11, 2010 | Filed under Windows 7


It could get annoying if you have a laptop and constantly needs to change your network settings everyday when you go to work and comes back home because the network configurations are different. There are many ways to get to the Network Connections place to manage your Local Area Connection or Wireless Network Connection. First method is to right click on the network icon at system tray, select Open Network and Sharing Center, then click change adapter settings at the left pane. Then another way is to go to Control Panel and then type net at the search box at the top right and click View network connections that appears on the list. Another way is to type ncpa.cpl at the Run window or Search programs and files bar.

Windows 7 Network Connections Shortcut

The easiest way to access Network Connections is just to put a shortut in Windows 7 desktop so you can just double click on it to and instantly access the Network Connections without typing anything or going through multiple clicks.

First method is right click on desktop, go to New and select Shortcut. Type ncpa.cpl in the box and click Next. Finally name the shortcut to Network Connection and click Finish.

Second method is to also right click on desktop, go to New and select Shortcut. Type the following line to the box explorer.exe ::{7007ACC7-3202-11D1-AAD2-00805FC1270E} and click Next. Name the shortcut as Network Connection and click Finish.

The second method has an icon by default but the first method doesn’t. You can always change the icons by right clicking on the shortcut, select Properties, click the Change Icon button and select the icons that is available.


One Response to “Add Network Connections Shortcut in Windows 7 Desktop”
  1. Joseph says:

    well thanks for showing how to create a Network Connection, DT SC.!
    [why they never supplied R/C?]
    NOW, after it comes up, there are the dozens Available ones, duh; no Right Click; Create Short cut there either..
    If there is a way to do this, have a DT SC for our modem, please email me.

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