Add Dislike Button to Facebook with FBDislike Extension for Firefox and Chrome

April 5, 2010 | Filed under Browser, Firefox, Google, Online Service


Whenever people share their photo albums online publicly in Facebook, there is a Like button for people to express that this photo is nice and they liked it. Obviously the more people that clicks the Like button, the more popular it gets. However Facebook development team has been a little bias not to include a Dislike button. The simple reason is Facebook is meant to social and not make enemies, so if you see something that you like, go ahead and click the Like button or else move on.

To be on the fair side, 3 person by the name of Thomas Moquet, David DJIAN and Pascal Filipovicz has created a Firefox and Chrome extension that adds a Dislike button next to the Like button. When you click the Dislike button, the extension sends the dislike information to their server’s database together with the id of item, id and username of the user who dislike the item. If the server is down, (currently it has been down for a few days already because of server problem), the Facebook Dislike feature will not work and will not be seen as well.

Facebook Dislike button

There are some scam or spam going on for Facebook Dislike button but this Firefox and Chrome extension is absolutely safe and does not contains any virus or trojan.

Download Facebook Dislike Extension for Firefox and Chrome

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