Acer Gridvista Splits Screen and Gives Aero Snap Feature in XP and Vista

March 1, 2010 | Filed under Software


Those who bought an Acer branded computer will find that there is a software called Acer Gridvista pre-installed. This free software is a simple application that allows you to use your monitors more effectively by dividing your screen into two, three or four sections in which you can drag & drop windows.

download Acer Gridvista

Other than that, like in Windows 7, it comes with Aero Snap feature where clicking and dragging a window to the right or left side of the desktop causes the window to fill the respective half of the screen. Snapping a window to the top of the desktop maximizes it. Resizing a window to touch the top or bottom edge of the screen maximizes the window to full height, whilst retaining its width; these windows will then slide horizontally if moved by the title bar, or can be pulled off, which returns the window to its original height. Aero Snap feature is only available in Windows 7, but with Acer Gridvista, it gives you this feature even in Windows XP and Vista.

Although this tool is developed by Acer, anyone with any brand of computers is able to install it into their Windows system.

Download Acer Gridvista from Softpedia.

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