Accelerate Video Streaming to Remove Buffering in YouTube and Other Video Sites

March 15, 2010 | Filed under Software, Video


Even if you have a very fast Internet connection which should allow you to stream online videos without problems, but a lousy ISP with bad routing might cause a lot of timeouts in your connection and eventually leading to constants buffering. This can however be solved by having multiple sources simultaneously downloading to allow significant improvement on download speeds and video playbacks.

Speedbit Video Accelerator is a powerful application that lets you enjoy the world of internet video at accelerated speeds. When Video Accelerator is installed it configures itself automatically so you can start watching accelerated videos right away.

Accelerate Video Streaming

There are 2 versions of Video Accelerator which is the free and paid. The free version allows you to use normal video acceleration and high quality video acceleration. The paid version has all the features available in the free version including high definition video acceleration and iTunes download acceleration. If you are just want to view YouTube videos, the free version will just work perfectly for you.

We have tested accelerating the video in Veoh and it worked perfectly. The downloaded meter always seems to much more faster than the playback bar, thanks to the simultaneous streams. This technology is very similar to download managers that has uses multiple segments to speed up the download.

Download SpeedBit Video Accelerator

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