22 PDF Search Engines to Find and Download Free eBook

March 25, 2010 | Filed under Online Service


We have previously shared with you a list of 14 icon search engine websites which allows you to search for nice icons to use as favicon, shortcut or software. Another important search engine that we think that it is also important is ebook in PDF. There are a lot of ebook in PDF format on the Internet and it contains useful information such as manual, guides and etc.

Searching for PDF using the normal search engine might be a little confusing and the results that you get can can have a mixed of normal websites as well. To help you search for the PDF ebook that you want with keyword, here are 22 PDF search engines that you can try:

1. PDF-Search-Engine
2. PDFGeni
3. Search-PDF-Books
4. PDF Rapid4Me
5. TooDoc
6. OpenPDF
7. PDFQueen
8. Data-Sheet
9. PDFFind
10. eBook-Search-Engine
11. PDFOne
12. Live-PDF
13. aeroPDF
14. GGiaro
15. India PDF Search Engine
16. PDFeye
17. PDFtrace
18. PDF-searcher
19. PDFlost
20. PDFSearchEngine
21. FileDigg
22. PDF Database

With the 22 PDF search engine websites, you can find millions of ebooks. Why should you search for guides and manual in PDF? Reason is most of the manuals are meant for reading and printing only and PDF format is the best format to use to prevent from accidental editing. Some of the PDF search engine listed above uses Google Custom Search. Most of the PDF Search Engine displays the last searches.


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  1. John says:

    found it through a friend and using it ever since.seems to fit in with the list

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